Ceremony Details

First & Last names please!
Event Date *
Event Date
Both options are available to you and included in your booking! If weather requires you to change the location you can e-mail us up to 24 hours before your ceremony and we'll confirm back on the change of location. If you choose to have your ceremony outdoors and it does need to move indoors after chairs are set up, we will require assistance in moving the chairs.
Day of Contact Number *
Day of Contact Number
Parking Helper #1 *
Parking Helper #1
These are usually groomsmen or close family members. They should arrive at least 45 minutes before guests are invited to arrive as guests normally begin to arrive up to 1/2 hr before the instructed time.
Parking Helper #2 *
Parking Helper #2
We normally put chairs away after everyone has left the property to not interfere with the event, however let us know if there is a specific time you would like them put away. If you don't mind when it happens or are not renting chairs from us just note "N/A"
What you need from us
If you are ordering chairs, when would you like them set up by?
Do you need anything from us other than the chairs specified above? If so, please clarify what you will require and we will let you know if there is any additional charge. We will leave the items in the main section of the church for your use to setup where you please! If not, just say none!
Will you be having a rehearsal onsite? If choosing "Other Time" option, please specify in "Other Notes".
Outside Suppliers
Name, Phone Number and E-mail. We'll touch base with them to make sure everything runs smoothly and give them some information if they haven't been to Cranberry Creek before.
Name, Phone and E-mail
Will you be bringing any decorations onsite for your ceremony? If so please specify what they will be and if you have a decorator please include contact information and their name. If not, just say no!
If you will be supplying food or drink to your guests please let us know what it will be, who will be supplying it and their contact information and where it will be set up. If you won't be providing anything just say "None provided".
Anything else that you think we should know? Please do!