frequently asked questions

You’ve booked at Cranberry Creek Gardens and it’s getting close to your wedding date so we’re sure you’ll have lots of questions! Below are answers to the most common questions we get asked, however feel free to email us at with anything that isn’t answered here! If any of the details below don’t match what you thought please get in touch as certain details may have been different if you booked your event before June 2019.

Venue Specifications Included Items Seating Charts, Tables & Chairs Event Timelines Catering Payment & Decision Timelines

venue specifications

Church Dimensions: The main area of the church is 31’ x 49’ with a 10’ wide entrance hallway that is set 5’ into the main area. There is a stage for your DJ/Band to use with two steps up to it and a bar area next to the stage for use by Cranberry Creek. The church lounge is 24’6” x 18’2” with two 5’9” x 4’10” unisex washrooms with an exit to the side patio of the church.

Barn Dimensions: The main area of the barn is 59’6” x 28’9” with a 12’9” wide barn door on the north side and a 35’11” wide opening on the south with two posts. The church addition is 60’ wide by 16’ and completely open aside from one end approximately 11’6” reserved for the bar area.

Washrooms: See included items below

Included Items for all wedding bookings

All items that are fixed to the wall/floor are included in your rental aside from any sound equipment as that is owned by our preferred DJ. The following items are also included in your rental:

  • Exclusive use of the grounds for the duration of your booking, aside from the Inn and gardens surrounding the Inn.

  • Six washrooms: For the 2019 wedding season we have two built in washrooms in the back of the church, one trailer washroom behind the church and one handicapped portable toilet behind the church along with one flushable portable toilet and one handicapped portable toilet beside the barn next to the green shed. For 2020+ weddings, this is the guaranteed minimum however we will replace rented toilets with built in ones as we complete any renovations.

  • Pews: Six are in the church lounge and 14 in the main church area. Each are 6’ long and seat 3-4 guests and are not fixed to the floor so are movable to suit your event.

    • If you would like the pews removed from the church please contact us for a quote for removal as these cannot be removed by guests because of potential damage to the antique pews.

    • Pews are only available to be used inside of the church, they cannot be used outdoors or in other buildings on the property due to potential damage.

  • Antique Wagons: There are two antique wagons on either side of the main entrance from the event parking lot. They are stationary as they are very old and are in as-is conditions (as they continue to age since they are outdoors year round!). They are great to lean welcome signs on and we sometimes have plants waiting to be planted in the gardens on them so cannot be guaranteed to be empty for your event.

  • Catering Tent: We have half of a 10x20

For bookings with deposits placed before June 2019 please contact your event coordinator to confirm whether any other items are included in your rental.

Different packages include different items so please refer to your invoice for any additional items you have booked, the above items are solely to confirm what is included in all basic packages and may not be outlined on your invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: If an item is not in the list above and is not noted on your invoice as included in your booking (or booked through our rental portal) you must confirm availability and associated fees and we will add to your invoice as a note or an additional cost depending on the item.

seating charts, Tables & chairs

Our Harvest Tables are 8.5’ long and are included in our signature wedding package or available to rent for packages below this level. We have 14 that are and 42” wide (for guests) that seat four per side with one on each end (up to 10 guests) and we have three that are 49” wide (for your king’s style head table) that seat four per side and two on each end (up to 12 guests). Typically guests use these tables in pairs for a long 17’ table and you can seat 16-20 guests per table in that format (with two guests sitting where the tables join for 20 guests) but you can also have them separated for individual tables, you just lose a bit of space for guests to move around.

The table tops are a type of Mahogany and the legs are black steel so they are quite heavy which requires us to get a table chart decided on in advance of your date for setup.

There standard setup is seven rows of tables paired up to seat 16-20 guests each, with the wider 49” tables in the middle (table 4) and the couple seated either at a sweetheart table in front of it next to the barn doors, or the couple seated at the head of the table with their wedding party filling the rest of the table. This format works best for all weddings that have 96+ guests and a head table.

For a formal head table (with your wedding party sitting on one side of a long table facing the guests) we recommend a maximum of 8 at the head table. With this style of head table when there are more that 4 seated at the table, your harvest tables must be put together in pairs instead of placed individually (i.e. with a formal head table that is over 4, you cannot have the rest of your tables as tables of 8-10 due to space constraints)

Your head table can either have the barn doors as the backdrop or the fields as the backdrop, both options function identically for available space.

For weddings that do not have plated meals, we recommend an informal style of seating chart for your guests where you assign them a table and not a seat as it alleviates stress before your event and allows you to much more easily make your seating chart well in advance.

Our standard chairs included in our signature wedding package are folding plastic chairs. You can upgrade to folding dark wood chairs with a white pad (for indoor use only) upon request, get in touch for pricing!

event timelines

The following are the standard timelines for events at Cranberry Creek. Your contract will state the booked availability of the venue for your event and the following is used as a guideline only and can be adjusted! If your overall duration is longer than the recommended timelines below please contact us to discuss whether any additional staffing is required

Ceremonies/ceremonies & cocktail hours:

  • Guest Arrival: 12:30

  • Ceremony: 1pm-1:30pm

  • Guest Departure: 2pm (2:30 pm if doing cocktail hour)

  • Cocktail Hour (if booked) 1:30pm to 2:30pm

  • Photos: If doing first look and family photos before: 11am to 12pm and 1:30 to 2pm following the ceremony. With no first look, 1:30pm to 3pm

Ceremony & evening reception:

  • Guest Arrival: 4 pm

  • Ceremony: 4:30 pm-5 pm

  • Cocktail Hour: 5 pm to 6 pm (photos during this time, recommended to have first look before ceremony if requiring a longer photo duration)

  • Dinner: 6:15 pm to 8 pm (adjustable based on your dinner format and photo requirements, however recommended to end at 8pm)

  • Dance Hall Party: 8pm to 12am

  • Bar Closes: 12am

  • Guest Departure: 12:30 am

brunch wedding

  • Guest Arrival: 11 am

  • Ceremony at Church: 11:30 am - 12 pm

  • Two options:

    • If photos are following the ceremony

      • Cocktail hour 12 pm to 1 pm (photos during this time)

      • Brunch from 1:15 to 2:30

      • Lawn Games/Cocktails from 2:30 pm to 3:45 pm

    • If photos are following brunch

      • Quick bride and groom post ceremony photos: 12 pm to 12:15 pm

      • Brunch from 12:30 to 2 pm

      • Lawn Games/Cocktails from 2 pm to 3:45 pm

  • Guest Departure: 4 pm


Our main caterer is Devin’s Country Bistro for meal service, Cravings Food Truck for food truck service (both late night and meal service) and Dover Cheese Shop for charcuterie service. You are more than welcome to bring in your own catering, however any of those caterers can be booked through Cranberry Creek and are guaranteed to follow the rules below.

Please note that we do not have catering facilities onsite. There is a covered 10x12 area for catering prep adjoining the barn with one power outlet and cold running water via a hose that can be used by the catering team and must be returned to it’s original condition before departure.

If bringing in an outside caterer please note the following information:

  • The caterer prepare all food in advance or bring in any equipment necessary for food preparation with the proper permits to legally do so.

  • The caterer have a minimum of 2 million liability insurance and provide us with their insurance certificate at least one month in advance of your date

  • The caterer have a site visit or phone call with us at least three weeks before your event to iron out any details.

  • The caterer must bus tables during dinner service. If the rentals are provided by Cranberry Creek, all dishes must scraped and put into the proper totes and stored in the catering prep area. If bringing their own rentals, all items must be removed from the site at the end of the event unless previously approved by Cranberry Creek Management in writing.

  • The caterer must provide their own waste receptacles and remove all catering waste from the site at the end of the event.

  • For late night food, service is in the church and the caterer must remain on site for the duration of service. All food items must be removed before departure along with any associated dishes/food waste/etc. from the church and surrounding grounds. Our bartending staff (if bar service is purchased by the client) will assist during bar service hours with food pickup if possible, however it is the primary responsibility of the caterer to have someone assigned to food waste pickup during and following late night food service.

  • A cleaning fee will be charged to the caterer if food is not properly cleared during and following service.

Payment & Decision Timelines

These are the standard timelines of when we require deposits, installments, balances and forms and information from you. If it’s closer to your wedding than these dates and you haven’t sent this information or your payment our way, just get in touch!

When Booking: Venue Deposit, Preliminary Booking Detail Confirmation Form, Contract, Inn (booked through our website)

One Year Before: Catering Deposit(s) & style choice, Standard Wedding Package Deposit (Which Includes DJ, Table & Chair and Shuttle Deposits), Rental Choices

  • Please note that availability isn’t confirmed until deposit is received so if you are set on a specific vendor we recommend putting a deposit down when you book the venue

Six Months Before Event: Table Layout Choice, Standard Wedding Package Balance, Venue Rental Balance, Catering Installment

One Month Before Event: Wedding Detail Form (includes timelines, contacts, etc.), Bar Style Choice and Menu Customization Decisions, Bar Deposit (if required), Catering Detail Form

Three Weeks Before Event: Final Booking Detail Confirmation, Final Guest Numbers

Two Weeks Before Event: Seating Chart, Final Balance for All Items