Photography Booking

Photography Booking

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Book a photography session onsite at Cranberry Creek! Available to photographers and individuals, Cranberry Creek is a unique and stunning backdrop to your photo shoot. There is only one photography group on site at a time and we offer two types of bookings:

  • Outdoor only: Access to our gardens for a photo session for the duration of your booking. Our buildings are closed during this style of booking.

  • Outdoor & Indoor: Access to our gardens and the inside of our church, barn and bank building.


  • All items must be returned to their original location and condition before departure.

  • We have lots of garden areas that are tree-covered for light inclement weather, however if the weather is very bad we can re-schedule based on our availability.

  • We don’t take Friday or Saturday photography bookings from May to October due to weddings.

  • Please request alternative pricing for large groups (10+)

  • Duration of booking is from arrival onsite to departure of the entire group and time must be booked in advance in order to not interfere with other events onsite

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